The Little Things (Or, A Tale of Many Hats)

Life is big and crazy and weird. Sometimes a little empty snail shell on the sidewalk is all it takes to remind me it can also be very small and beautiful too.

I wear a great deal of hats. Not physical hats, but metaphorical ones. Hats that stand in for the different responsibilities I handle in the many roles I play in daily life. The work hat, the mother hat, the student hat, the research hat, the teaching assistant hat. The constant swapping of roles can take a toll on me occasionally. All things considered, I feel that I roll with the punches as best as humanly possible. Today I was just getting into work and noticed a small snail shell on the sidewalk… I picked it up and noticed the snail had moved out, but that it was perfectly shaped, almost conical, and slightly larger than the ones my daughter and I have been finding in the backyard of late (she loves bugs). This tiny, perfectly shaped little marvel of nature brought me down to earth this morning in a completely unexpected way.

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