Westward Ho!: Day One

Catie and I have arrived safely in Vicksburg, MS and checked into our hotel. Catie had never been in a hotel before so she’s really enjoying messing with all the settings on the air conditioner. I’m not sure the hotel folks will ever be able to get it back to standard settings; I certainly can’t. 

We pulled out of the driveway at about 11am after a lot of tearful hugs and goodbyes. My car was packed to the brim- I hadn’t appreciated the extra space in my SUV until I was trying to squeeze just one more box into the second row of seating. Catie had to climb into her seat from the drivers seat over the center console! Luckily though, she’s surrounded by her toys and her activities so she should get too bored (*knocks on wood*). However, we hadn’t gotten out of downtown Pensacola before the first “Are we there yet?” was uttered, and pulling into the hotel elicited a “Is this Utah?”. I’m not sure I explained just how big this big trip would be… It might be hard to get her into the car again tomorrow. 

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