Field School: Day 0 and 1

5/27 7:00pm

I left the AirBnb early to go to the hotel. I met Justin there and we decided to go on a nice explore. We took a taxi to the Plaza de Constitución, where there was a cultural festival going on, including some stalls of lovely books for sale. We both purchased a copy of a Kaqchikel-Spanish dictionary and I got a book of numbers. I probably should have saved my Q, but alas. I cannot resist the allure of a bookstore. We also had lunch at Pollo Brujo and returned to the hotel. Justin was good company. 

The rest of the group seems lovely as well. Lots of folks from McGill as well as University of Maryland, and lots of French being thrown around. 

I have high hopes for this adventure… I’m surely not going to meet all of them, but I hope it will be academically profitable nonetheless. 

5/28 12:50pm

We’ve arrived safely in Patzún. Everyone is pretty awesome and so darn smart. My imposter syndrome is going through the roof. It’s become clear to me that I have very little actual knowledge of linguistics. 


We just watched a parade go by. It was AMAZING. I think my ears are going to take a few days to recover though. Fireworks kept going off right next to me and my favorite jeans got a bit singed. That’s what I get for bringing my favorite jeans on an international adventure though. 

(come back later for photos when my Internet connection is stronger) 


We just tried to go get local cellphones, but the store was closed for the fair. We’ll be picking them up on the lunch break tomorrow instead. But, we got a little walking tour out of it and now we know where classes will be tomorrow! There’s a lot of places to buy ice cream on the way. My wallet is in considerable trouble. 

We’re breaking up the group now to go meet our host families! I’m excited and a little nervous to meet them. I know they have a little kid that’s four years old, so I’m going to be missing Catie something fierce.


I’m at my homestay now. My family is very kind. Daniel is 5 years old and reminds me a lot of Salif’s son, Bana. 

Before we left for the homestay, Justin, Julia, Sarah, and I made up an absolutely crazy basketball game variant and we wore ourselves out laughing so hard. It was so much fun. When Pedro and Omer came in from dropping other students off they were incredibly confused trying to figure out but the rules. 

Maria Louisa, the doña of my homestay just came in to give me the key to the gate of the compound. She seems quite nice as well but I’ll have to keep an eye on my “ustedes” so I don’t seem like I lack respect. 

Update 6:45

Doña Maria Louisa gave me some lessons in Kaqchikel! She was very patient. We’ll be having tamales for dinner and tomorrow after class they’ll teach me to make tortillas! 

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