Field School: Day 4

My brain is fried. I think I may have mentioned that in a prior blog post, but it’s extra true today. Super fried. Two full days of classes has me feeling like my brain is about to pour out my ears if I tilt it too far to one side. I didn’t write anything except vocabulary and sample sentences in my bullet journal today, which is extraordinarily strange. Normally I have some kind of notes about how my day was, where I went, interesting things that happened… None of that today. Just notes upon notes about Kaqchikel vocabulary.

We did go over numbers today, which made me so extraordinarily happy as to actually dance around and clap. I was so thrilled to actually know something in advance and be able to help people out a little bit that weren’t catching on. There will be a whole post about Mayan numerals and what’s going on there, so stay tuned.


The family dynamic is getting a little easier as well. I have a tía (aunt) and two hermanas (sisters) as well as a sobrino (nephew) now.

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