About Em

Em Speed is resilient in the face of challenges, a determined and purposeful student, and a researcher to the core. They received their BA in psychology in 2015 from the University of West Florida. They are a fourth-year graduate student in the Educational Neuroscience Ph.D program at Utah State University. They speak fluent English, Spanish, and conversational Kaqchikel Mayan and American Sign Language.

Their current research interests are as follows:

  • the development of decomposed parallel processing
  • the effects language of instruction on numerical system understanding
  • bimodal bilingualism and motor/kinesthetic number concepts

Em’s hobbies include snowboarding, cross-stitch, and making blanket forts. They also enjoys learning about Meso-American indigenous languages and peoples, aviation and aeronautics, the philosophy of religion, organizational strategies, concept cars, underground cave systems, Buddhist philosophy, entomology, dinosaurs, ad infinitum.